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Vinyl Ready Vector Art
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Copyright (c) 2007 Clipart deSIGN

Clipart deSIGN™ is pleased to present the third "Floral Art" package in an impressive series with exclusive vector backgrounds specially developed for the graphic design industries.

Technical Specifications:

Thematic category: Floral Backgrounds, Panels, Grunge, Urban

Subcategories included: 11

Number of images: 510

Number of vector points: Reduced, very clean vector images

Default file formats included: EPS (level 1), AI (Adobe Illustrator 3.x), CDR (v.7)

Media: DVD Disc (DVD-ROM), PC and MAC compatible

Packaging: Original factory retail package (shrink wrap sealed)

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 1). Floral Panels 1 - 25 images:

 2). Floral Panels 2 - 25 images:

 3). Floral Panels 3 - 50 images:

 4). Floral Panels 4 - 50 images:

 5). Floral Panels 5 - 30 images:

 6). Grunge Floral Backgrounds 5 - 50 images:

 7). Grunge Floral Backgrounds 6 - 50 images:

 8). Grunge Floral Backgrounds 7 - 50 images:

 9). Grunge Floral Black and White 2 - 50 images:

 10). Modern Floral Backgrounds 2 - 25 images:

 11). Urban Floral Backgrounds - 100 images:

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